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Our Programs

All CASE programs are staffed with licensed teachers, teaching assistants, Registered Behavior Technicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, and other related service therapists, including reading specialists, teachers of the visually impaired, orientation and mobility therapists, and assistive technology specialists. The specific mix of professionals and services is dictated by the individual student’s IEP.

Programs are available as school year programs, supplemented by an Extended School Year program during the summer. Academic, behavioral, and diagnostic assessments are provided.

Be it in public schools or DESE approved public day setting, our programs offer inclusion opportunities and appropriate school activities that promote a full spectrum of meaningful experiences. Our programs allow students to benefit from the richness of a highly specialized and diverse team of faculty and staff.

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TIP is a specialized program that meets the needs of students experiencing mental health issues, school adjustment issues, trauma history, behavioral and social challenges, and other issues interfering with accessing grade-level curriculum and making substantial progress.  


Empower  is a specialized program that meets the needs of students with language processing and production challenges, problems with sensory regulation, and  social communication. The curriculum is a blend of academic subjects and intensive support from related service providers. 


Learning for Life (LFL) is a specialized program that addresses the many different cognitive, physical, medical, communication, and social needs of students.  The curriculum helps build independence and includes functional academics and daily living skills.

The hallmark of all CASE programs is our trans-disciplinary approach:

- CASE staff collaborate with parents and school districts to determine appropriate goals for each student and

provide the necessary services to reach those goals. 

- We respect each student’s abilities, interests, and preferences.  

- CASE programs offer small class sizes augmented by low student to staff ratios. 

- Our strength-based model fosters interpersonal relationships within a supportive, nurturing environment. 

- All programs are aligned with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

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